What we do

Woking Mind provides social support and assistance to adults who have difficulties with their mental health.

We help to improve our members’ well being and deliver high quality services that encourage self confidence, independence and interaction with the community.

Our services are based on drop-in centres held at CornerHouse in Woking and we run a programme of events including frequent day trips. We also run a number of longer term projects aimed at improving both the mental and physical health of our members as well as improving their social and employment prospects.

Woking Mind works in cooperation with the Statutory Authorities, and is supported by Surrey County Council and Surrey & Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. We work closely with the local Community Mental Health team to support Service Users who need extra help and encouragement to re-engage with local services and continue their path to recovery.

Woking Mind does not offer clinical advice, but it will support members in seeking the advice they need. We play an active part in linking clients with other sources of support, whether from public sector bodies, or other voluntary organisations.