Lennie shares where she receives support

I live alone. Lockdown has been a very lonely time. I feel scared to go out. Wary of the unseen virus. The pictures in the news and adverts have caused severe flashbacks, mutism, insomnia and anxiety. The not knowing when it would end and being far from family.

I caught Covid in October 2020 from a bus journey into Woking for an appointment and 4 days later struggled to breathe. I have long-Covid, extreme fatigue, breathlessness, palpitations, aches, IBS symptoms, etc. It’s made it harder to get out and have help to come in. For two weeks, I had the adult social care re-enablement team coming in because I couldn’t do anything.

I’ve had a lot of support from the NHS responders going shopping and picking up meds. Woking Mind have been in regular contact for a chat, when I was getting really low and thinking about ending my life and self-harming. Then friends and neighbours have been great too, so I’ve been lucky to have folk looking out for me. You just have to ask, help us there. I’m an artist and have been helping in my own way, teaching random things and trying to encourage people. It’s like an old bartering system. Skill share.

I put my hope in God and the vaccine. I look forward to big hugs with my friends. That physical contact missing has made me feel more isolated.