Creative Writing – Re-birth of Phoenix

The discussion and creative writing group offers a great opportunity to learn more about poetry and prose, as well as develop creative ideas.

Here is an example of some recent work by Stephen B.


‘The Re-birth of Phoenix’

In silent slumber lies the Golden Bird,

Five hundred years have passed,

And now, awakened to new life

The world awaits its re-creation.

Not alive as we know it,

But machine-like from metal fashioned,

Beats not a heart within its chest

Unlike any other thing that moves.

Within the ancient fire it lies,

An egg of reddish hue, waiting, restless for its cue,

A thunder crack, and something stirs

 With rainbow feathers and beak of gold.

Free at last with wings unfolding,

Sweet song from metal throat resounds,

A shooting star bound heavenward

To meet at last its sun companion.

Stephen B