Mind Quality Management (MQM)

Woking Mind operate under the banner of Mind UK. In order to retain this affiliation, we must adhere to the quality assurance framework of the Mind Quality Mark (MQM).

The MQM requirements are set by Mind and monitored after certification. In order to receive the endorsement, Woking Mind must complete a review process, which includes:


A self-assessment process means we have the chance to monitor and evaluate our services, in accordance with MQM guidelines.

Ensuring that we are providing a service as detailed in our mission statement. Monitoring and evaluating our services to make any necessary improvements, checking we are operating with the most effective structure and practices and of course that we are meet all legal compliances.


After we have submitted our self assessment, a review team comprised of peer reviewers and Mind staff will consider the assessment. Following the assessment review, representatives then visit us with a selection of trustees, staff and members. This two-stage review process ensures that we have met all the requirements detailed in our self-assessment.

Post-Review Report

Once the review is complete, the team will consider whether we have met the list of 23 requirements that constitute the MQM framework. They will suggest any relevant ways for us to make further improvements to our operation.


Once the requirements have been met, we are awarded the MQM certificate.