Shifa Asian Women’s Support

We are here to support Asian Women living in Surrey.

Our mission is to promote good mental health and emotional wellbeing of South Asian Women through support, social skills, empowerment and education.

Key Aims

  • To provide a safe and secure place for women to socialise and learn.
  • To provide opportunities for learning life-long skills to enhance their quality of life.
  • To facilitate empowerment programs to help them lead an independent life and be able to integrate into mainstream society.

Who we can help

While we focus on Asian Women, we do not turn anyone away and can help women from other backgrounds.

We support women who are:

  • Living with mild to moderate mental health issues.
  • Struggling with social isolation.
  • From an immigrant background.
  • Dealing with family issues including domestic violence and abuse.


You don’t need a diagnosis to access our services and we accept self and family referrals.

Please visit Shifa’s website here to fill in their referral form.


Please visit Shifa’s Class Timetable here for a list of classes for registered client’s.