Supporting Others

Looking after yourself is important for your overall wellbeing. There are many organisations who can offer you support when you are caring for someone else. Below we have listed some places and people who could offer you extra support.

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Supporting Others

Support for you

It is important to take care of yourself to and reach out to organisations who can support you.

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Financial Support

You may be able to get financial support and the person you are looking after may be entitled to benefits.

Support at work

If you are finding it hard to balance paid employment with looking after someone else, you have a right to ask your employer about flexible working arrangements. NHS Carers Direct has information about your rights at work.


Technology is being developed to make it easier to look after someone else

Respite Care

You may be entitled to support to help you have a break. If you have a carer’s assessment it should include information about respite care.

Social Care Support

Social services may be able to provide support for you and the person you are looking after.

For more information about carers assessments, Minds legal page on (adult) carers social care rights.

Useful Links

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