Our Senior Leadership Team

Tony Bennett

Chief Executive

Tony ensures that our charity is run to our high standards, we have the right plans and services in place as well as the funding and staff to deliver them and that we are well connected with other relevant services in the community.

Amanda Robinson

Services Director 

Amanda works closely with our service users to develop and manage a programme of activities that is suited to their needs, helping our volunteers provide our services effectively and provide non-clinical support for those in distress.

Mandy Dhingra

Marketing & Fundraising Director

Mandy is responsible for communicating with our community and stakeholders about our work and raising money to fund our work. Mandy also manages Shifa, our specialist support services for Asian women.

Ruth Hards

Business Support & Development Director

Ruth is responsible for developing new projects and initiatives that will help us deliver our values and goals.These include the development of online services and the development of a workplace wellbeing programme.

The coronavirus pandemic is having a huge impact on mental health

Help us be there for those who are struggling to cope during this critical time