“Mindfulness requires practice but has been rewarding and brought peace into my life.”

Are you full of stresses and difficulties of living? Do you habitually turn away from these, in the belief that doing so will make them go away? We may try and ignore problems but this can lead us to feeling unhappy.

Mindfulness involves learning to pay moment to moment attention to our feelings, bodies, thoughts and social world. Instead of struggling to rid ourselves of our difficulties, we learn to simply be with our immediate experience as it is, to increasingly respond to difficulties wisely and with confidence.

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Mindfulness Group

We are currently running our mindfulness group remotely.

Midday Mindfulness drop in every Wednesday via Zoom. To join please email Sue – [email protected]

New Mindfulness MBCT Course – Thursdays 11th March 6- 8:15pm (initially on Zoom)

Course Description

The aim of this course is to promote awareness of your mind and body through the cultivation of mindful awareness. It is suitable for people wishing to enhance their general physical and mental wellbeing.

If you are experiencing stress, anxiety, recurrent depression and finding yourself getting trapped in unhelpful patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting, or just generally dissatisfied with life. This course can offer you practical ways to respond more skilfully when difficulties arise. Learning to engage with what is most important to us, and opening up to moments of joy, contentment, and gratitude.

Entry Requirements / Who is the course for?

This course is for anyone who wants a structured, practical way to learn mindfulness. It asks more from participants, but potentially also offers more change. Mindfulness practice is like physical exercise, if we do more, we tend to get more benefit. It is appropriate for people new to mindfulness, anyone who has tried mindfulness before, either a course or an app or perhaps read a book and wants the structure of a course led by an experienced teacher. We encourage you to try our weekly drop-in sessions beforehand to give it a go but this is not imperative.

It is not suitable for people who are currently in crisis, experiencing trauma, psychosis or recently bereaved.

To apply : please email [email protected] for an application form. These will be processed on a first come first served basis as there are limited spaces.

Each participant will have an initial assessment to ensure that this programme is appropriate for them and it is the right time to take on the commitment this course requires.