So, that’s another stepping stone over!

The original intent was to make it up from Falmouth to Weymouth and then take a short break before taking the next step.  However, the weather has turned for the worse as I approach Lyme Regis, with high winds and rain forecast for the next few days. So plan B kicks in!

I’ll be taking a break from today with a trip back home for a few days. Home comforts beckon!

So, what was last week like?  It’s fair to say I’ve seen a lot of weather! Exceptionally high winds coupled with driving rain have made it an interesting week and a very challenging one at times.  Along the way I’ve got used to getting soaked and gathered a thought process based on the fact that I can only get wet once.  Surely, all I need to do is walk fast enough to keep my body temperature up! …..and there lies a problem. With ground conditions being so wet and muddy it’s a challenge to keep a reasonable pace going at times. So the pace drops along with body temperature, which means lots of stops for hot chocolate!

As always there’s been lots of highs and a few low points.  Highs are invariably centered on the people that I continue to meet along the way. The scenery is always beautiful, wherever I am, so it’s sometimes difficult to recall a particular location as they blend into one another. However, conversations with people always stand out and truly make a difference. Human interaction has so many benefits.

Ascents, descents, high cliff top routes and choppy ferry crossings. They all go together to make a great adventure!

Another high has been the accommodation.  As the weather has turned for the worst wild camping has become a little less frequent!  So, to keep cost to a minimum, my attention has turned to budget B&B’s.

I’m delighted to say the days of stuffy little guest houses, with rooms that look like they were last decorated in the 70s and showers that you have to move around in just to get wet, are a thing of the past. Without exception accommodation has been 1st class and here are a couple of little gems that truly deserve a mention:

1). The Dolphin – Exmouth – their caring approach coupled with top notch facilities and beautifully decorated rooms make this a real pleasure; and

2). Bella’s Home – 55 Fore Street, Hormond House, Polruan – a lovely bright and beautifully decorated home with exceptional attention to every single detail. From the way Bella welcomes you to her home to the healthy fantastic breakfast everything has been so well thought through.

As always there have been a few low points and it wouldn’t be right finish an update with mentioning at least one.

Nearly losing a pensioner as he tried to board the small ferry in Fowey has to be one of the lows. A truly frightening experience that was saved by the 1st class crew on board. The memory of seeing a wave hit the gentleman as he stood with one foot on the concrete steps and the other on the boat will live with me for a long time. He was engulfed up to his waist as the skipper desperately kept the boat as tight as possible to the jetty.  If we were not soaked to the skin beforehand we certainly were after that wave. The crew and a couple of us from the boat did everything we could to help. However, the thing that stood out the most was how the crew just took everything in their stride. True professionals!

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