National Mind have created some great information to help you cope and look after your wellbeing during coronavirus (please click links in blue):
Plan for staying at home or indoors
Take care of your mental health and wellbeing
Checklist for staying at home
There are also many online resources that you may be helpful – from keeping active to learning a new skill:

* Please note, these websites are not related to or endorsed by Woking Mind so please do check they are suitable for you or your family. Always make sure to keep yourself safe while online. You may want to visit National Mind’s Online Safety Page that contains helpful advice.

Keep yourself active
Have fun with the family doing PE with Joe Wickes
There are some great fitness classes on the NHS website to help keep you active
Learn a new skill or develop your knowledge in a new subject
Check out Open University’s free courses
Fender are offering 3 months access to their online guitar classes for free
BSL are offering a free course in sign language
Develop your knowledge of history with Dan Snow
Self Care
7 apps recommended by Hello magazine to help your physical and mental wellbeing
Set yourself exciting achievable goals to look forward to
How to build healthy habits into your everyday life
Online therapeutic sessions
Free online sessions to support those struggling with isolation or anxiety around the corona virus
Stephen Fry gives some of his top tips on managing self-isolation and managing stress
Free videos focusing on mindfulness, compassion and acceptance to strengthen wellbeing
Meditations to find peace in a frantic world
Free resources focusing on building a compassionate mind
Free resources to help reduce anxiety, relieve stress and overcome depression
Working from home
BBC’s five tips on working well from home
Tips to help you at home
Marks and Spencer’s tips on how to make the most of your food and freezer space
Gardening needn’t be difficult, be inspired by Squires gardening advice from their team of experts
Positve things to do whilst at home
Jamie Oliver’s tips for your pantry and maximising your food