Danielle shares her journey through anxiety & depression

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years but often kept up the bravado that everything is ‘fine’ constantly pushing and busying myself with day-to-day life. During the first lockdown the distractions of daily life had suddenly been removed forcing me for the first time, to confront and really acknowledge that I was not okay. I was fortunate to be able to have counselling. I had a great counsellor, and I was elated with the positive mental state I had managed to achieve.  

Six months on and we are in another lockdown and I felt the elation crumble. The daily trials of being a single mother, with little to no support or time to myself. I felt alone with the intensity of four walls closing in, the same room feeling smaller every day but, the emotions feeling bigger. I would physically feel breathless, the tensions of feeling pulled in every direction, leading me to snap and push people away. The guilt would lead me to believe I am better just on my own. I reached out to my mum, who is fantastic support and let me speak without passing judgement and it has helped me to feel like I can breathe more freely.