Nicky shares about the things that have helped her during lockdown

In March 2020 when we suddenly went into our first lockdown where everything just stopped, I was a little bit worried, but I was not massively worried about it. I was thinking about how to fill my time, even though I care for a dog, who I still look after which helps me with my mental health.

I began to think that I could start doing some Voiceover Training which I found an online course for 7 days for free. I also started to do some more online training by doing some Monologues and Self-Tapes as well as studying to improve my acting skills and learning about Method Acting.

During this time, I started applying for some acting jobs I think I have applied for about 6 different jobs, I am not giving up. I have started to apply for jobs ever since the first lockdown. On talking about my acting life and career with one of my local Theatre Companies that I belong to we have done 8 online play readings via Zoom as well as doing meetings about the next play we are planning to do after we can get into normal life again.

Theatre Company is the same Company that I was involved with way back in 2018 in their play which was called Dame Ethel Smyth where I played Woman 1 and suffragette. I am part of their committee and help them with their web design.With my acting career I work as an actress in Theatre, TV and Film and Web Series projects as well as working as Cameo, Chorus, Duet Chorus, Chorus Dancer and as an extra. When I am not working in a Musical or a play with either Theatre Companies you will usually find me working Backstage as a crew member. I belong to two Theatre Companies one is Musical and the other do local Plays.

I also have had my professional photos done just after the first lockdown was eased too. On top of all that I have done singing as a duet and recorded them.  Now I am thinking about doing a piano melody. As well as practicing some Monologues and recording some Self-Tapes.

Woking Mind have really helped me during the past 12 months. If I just wanted a catch up with them or just have a friendly voice to listen to or just send a text and or email as I know they get back to me as soon as they can. To be honest I would not know what I would do if I did not have any of the things that I enjoy doing now. As well as looking after the dog who has been with me for the nearly 2 years this year. The dog is the reason why I get up in the mornings especially during the past 12 months.