Where my motivation comes from to walk 630 miles!

Now where was I?

A couple of weeks back I arrived in Falmouth having hiked 330 miles from Minehead. A fantastic challenge for me personally as I’ve never really done anything like this!

The motivation comes from a couple of different places.  The first is on a personal level and centres on my health. Thankfully I’ve always had good physical health. Mental health? Well, I think it’s fair to say,that hasn’t always been so good! Looking back, I believe I’ve had issues associated with depression for many years. How it has shown itself has varied over the years. However, a common thread, and one that I’ve got better at managing the older I’ve got, is to take care and communicate with others.

That brings me to my second reason. When I’m physically active and applying myself to well defined goals my life is so much better. It becomes sustainable, manageable and a pleasure.  So, the goal here is to help Woking Mind to raise awareness and money for this highly rated charity. 

So the journey starts again today. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be making my way up to Weymouth. A mere 200 miles away. So,one step at a time!

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