Woking Mind reminds people to reach out on Time to Talk Day 2021

The pandemic has changed the way we live our lives, affecting us all in more ways than one.

“Lockdown has been a very lonely time. I feel scared to go out. Wary of the unseen virus. The pictures in the news and adverts have caused severe flashbacks, mutism, insomnia, and anxiety. The not knowing when it would end and being far from family,” said Lennie, a client of Woking Mind.

In a world where our social interactions have been restricted, it can feel harder to maintain connections with others, which is so important for our mental health. But we can still use the telephone to stay in touch. Hearing a friendly, familiar voice can really help us to feel more connected, especially for those feeling lonely and isolated.

Local mental health charity Woking Mind reminded people to keep talking as they supported Time to Talk Day, earlier this month.

It’s really important to be able to talk and express how you’re feeling. It can help to offload thoughts and even reorganise them rather than having them build up,” said Claudia Mortimer, Team Leader of Wellbeing Calls and Counselling at Woking Mind.

Woking Mind launched a social media campaign across Facebook to encourage more people to take advantage of their free talking therapies that are available via telephone and online. No referral is required, and you can live anywhere in the borough to access these services.

“Woking Mind have been in regular contact for a chat when I was getting really low and thinking about ending my life and self-harming. Friends and neighbours have been great too, so I’ve been lucky to have folk looking out for me. You just have to ask, help us there” added Lennie, Client at Woking Mind.

If you or someone you know is feeling lonely, anxious, or struggling with their mental health, reach out to Woking Mind on 07860 340 739.