Adjusting to Remote Working

Working from home has now become the new norm for many people and if you’re new to working remotely, this can be quite a significant adjustment.Your dining room may have turned into your workplace, your family are your biggest distraction and your meetings are now taking place online. Add to this, a feeling of isolation from your work colleagues, no physical leaving of the workplace and lots of naughty treats in close vicinity.

All this can take a toll on your mental health, so here are some top tips to take care of yourself while you work from home:

1. Designate a workspace

  • which is comfortable, has everything you need for your working day, has some natural light, allows privacy for calls and a background that you don’t mind sharing on a video call!

2. Maintain a routine

  • to build in time for the important things including time to rest, relax and have fun.

3. Get dressed to psychologically switch to productive work mode

  • and besides if you’re taking video calls, you’ll want to look presentable.

4. Plan certain tasks for when you’re most productive

  • If you’re an early bird, this may be first thing in the morning or perhaps when young children are sleeping.

5. Set boundaries

  • for others living with you as whilst you may be working from home, you are not ‘at’ home. You may have signafls such as closing the door when you shouldn’t be disturbed.

6. Write a daily to-do list to help keep you focussed

  • Ensure this list is realistic and highlight 3-4 tasks that are priority.

7. Schedule regular breaks

  • away from your desk as it can be easy to lose track of time. Take time to stretch, get some fresh air in the garden or do something creative to refresh yourself

8.Stay in touch with your colleagues

  • Video conferencing is a great way to maintain some face to face contact and reduce feelings of isolation.

9.Eat well

  • Our new working environment means that we are tempted by eating too much or too little. Keep healthy snacks nearby to keep your energy levels up so you don’t fall into bad habits.

10.Pick a finishing time

  • It can be difficult to switch off as you are working and living in the same space but it’s so important to finish work as you usually would and focus on your home life.

Most of all embrace the perks of working remotely and having some extra time!

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