Worry & Overthinking

We all worry and stress about something. It’s part of human nature. But if you’re prone to hypothetical worry and what-if scenarios, you may find it helpful to notice these thoughts and then redirecting your attention to things within your control.

Here are some tips and idea to help you when you are worried & overthinking.

So, think about everything you’re currently worried about. What problems in our life are causing stress and anxiety?

Write these concerns down into two lists or use a different colour to highlight:

What you have control over

What you cannot control

For the list that you have control over, what can you do about them? Can you tackle them now or schedule in a timeframe to do them?

E.g. build resilience, healthier diet, time to relax, reconnect with someone, seek help, etc.

For the list you can’t control, can you acknowledge and accept that? Can you ask someone to help you find peace with it? You can also take any kind of action when you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed.

E.g. distract yourself with an activity or change your thinking by thinking about the problem in a more positive way.

By accepting the things you can’t control, you can have more faith, feel happier, think more rationally, be able to move on.

These are not easy questions or tasks but doing this exercise can be an empowering process.

We understand that you may not be able to stop hypothetical worries from occurring, but you can control your response to them.


Download our tips in a printable format:

Worry & Overthinking


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