Move Mountains for Woking Mind

When someone is struggling with their mental health, everything can feel like a mountain.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. The right support can help people do things that feel impossible and make life better again.

Help people move mountains by taking as many steps as it would take to climb famous mountains!

Walk, run, hike or climb stairs – you can complete your step challenge over one day or one week.

So how do I start?

1. Choose a step challenge:

Move a mountain – suitable for all levels by counting your steps over a day or a week
  • Mount Everest (8,848 m) – 58,070 Steps
  • Mount Kilimanjaro (5,895 m) – 38,680 steps
  • Mount Blanc (4,810 m) – 30,420 steps
  • Ben Nevis (1,345 m) – 8,810 Steps
  • Mount Snowdon (1,085 m) – 7,120 Steps (perfect one for little legs!


Move mountains – to suit your fitness level
  • Choose a few mountains and combine the steps as your challenge
  • Do them all which equates to 143,100 steps or 20,442 steps a day for a week

2. Set up your fundraising page & spread the news to make some noise!

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Share your fundraising page with everyone you know – friends, family, colleagues, neighbours… you could even join forces and do it together (in line with social restrictions of course!)
Share news of your challenge on social media
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3. We’d love to hear all about it so please let us know about your step challenge by completing the form below

   And most of all… THANK YOU and GOOD LUCK!